The 11th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Entry Terms and Conditions

Contest theme

Your “Dream Car”

Target applicants

15 years old and younger who live in Tanzania

Age Categories

  1. Category 1: Under 8 years old

  2. Category 2: 8-11 years old

  3. Category 3: 12-15 years old

Entry period

November, 2016 to January, 2017

Entry guidelines

Please send artworks to the contest office according to the following guidelines.

(1) Paper size: 400mm x 550 mm (15.7-21.7in.) or smaller

* The recommended size is A3 or tabloid size.
* The color, material, and shape of paper can be chosen freely.
* Drawings will be displayed/retained in a frame. Therefore, a drawing including a form itself must not be thicker than 5mm.

(2) Drawing materials: Any

* Any drawing materials can be used, such as color pencils, markers, crayons, or paints.
* Collage or cutout pictures will be allowed for plane drawings, excluding ones making other artworks dirty or requiring special care in handling.

[Unacceptable Artworks]

* CG artwork created on a computer or similar device will not be accepted.
* Collaborative artwork drawn by multiple individuals will not be accepted.
* Artwork created by a person other than the participant
* Piece with incomplete Entry Forms or missing information
* Drawings that resemble the previous Toyota Dream Car Art Contest artworks, famous paintings, and that include trademarked characters. 

(3) Entry form

Please prepare an entry form. Download the entry form (below)

Please fill in all the necessary items on the entry form, and securely attach it to the back of your artwork.

Parent’s consent is needed to apply for the entry of this contest.

Application (Submission) Location

Submit your artwork at the school or at Toyota Tanzania LTD

Plot No.5 Nyerere Road

Dar es salaam


Judging will be strictly conducted in two stages.

National Contest

(1) Artworks entered are judged as the Top 3 excellent artworks are to be selected from each category.
(2)The top 3 places in each category in February 2017 will be submitted to the World Contest that will be held in Japan.

World Contest

(3) In the World Contest, these entries selected from each country and region will be judged by a jury panel, where award winners will be selected in order of the gold, silver, and bronze award, along with best finalists.

The special award will also be selected from these entries submitted to the World Contest.

Also, winners of World Contest cannot be awarded in the same category again.


The top 3 artworks from each age category at the Award ceremony will be announced on different prizes will be awarded to the winners.

At the World Contest, an award certificate and extra prize will be presented to the gold, silver, and bronze award winners, and they will be invited to the award ceremony to be held in Japan.

Announcement of winners

Winners (or the person in charge of each group) will be notified by the contest office.

The results of 9 winners are scheduled to be announced February 2017, while the result of the World Contest will be announced on the Official Website of the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest around September 2017. URL: